Who we are


Our Vision

Our vision is to be an organization which will help to unite the black race in the United States. To be a voice for those who cannot speak, to represent the underrepresented, to educate those who were denied a full and truthful education, and to help those who have been and continue to be oppressed.   

Our Mission

  Our Mission To stop the oppression of black people in the United States of America. To unite black people in the United States of America. 

Our Philosophy

 We will use our intelligence, resources, and strength to overcome those who would seek to oppress us, and will educate and help those who are oppressed. We will join forces with other black groups who share our vision, motivations, and ethical standpoints. We will provide aid to those who are less fortunate, downtrodden, or who have experienced a disaster. 

Our work

The United Front has been on the front lines since the movement began. We have launched countless calling campaigns, protests, workshops, white ally trainings, financial trainings, and much more to help the black community.

Our goals

Our goals continue to be the unification of the black community in America. We have since had great influence with police reform and will continue pushing for black lives to matter to this country. 

Loving ourselves

 We are not a violent group. We do not commit crimes, we do not hurt or degrade people. We will work strategically solve problems by using our intelligence. We will boycott, picket, march, and petition. We will not hurt people. We will not kill people. This must be understood and must be clear.  We do fully believe in self defense.

Civil Rights Initiatives

Calling Campaigns

One of the most powerful things that we do here in the UF is the calling campaign. We have thousands upon thousands of members on social media. When we hear about a civil rights abuse, we "make the phones ring"


We use protest as a tool. We use protest as a last resort. We believe that disruption can lead to conversation. There is always a point when being diplomatic does not always get results. 


We register thousands upon thousands of people to vote each year. We inform our members of where and how to vote, and we support candidates who support a platform of police accountability. 


We hold financial education workshops, white ally training sessions, know your rights trainings, and voter education workshops. We also speak in public and private schools regarding black history and the movement. 

Protest Protection

For years we have informed activists around the world as to when and where protests will be held. We also follow the police scanners, and live streamers to ensure that our activists are in the know during their protests. 

Prison Reform

We believe in providing support to the families of inmates, and also to inmates when they are incarcerated. We provide advocates to help with inmate support. 

Join the fight

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The United Front has been fighting for the civil rights of black people in America since 2014. Join us in our fight. 

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